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2695 Reexamination of a Reexamination [R-08.2012]

See MPEP § 2295 for guidance for the processing and examination of a reexamination request filed on a patent for which a reexamination certificate has already issued, or a reexamination certificate issues on a prior reexamination, while the new reexamination is pending. This reexamination request is generally referred to as a “reexamination of a reexamination.” A reexamination of a reexamination is processed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in MPEP § 2295 regardless of whether the reexamination certificate was issued for an ex parte reexamination or an inter partes reexamination, and regardless of whether the pending reexamination proceeding is an ex parte reexamination or an inter partes reexamination.



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