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2632 Public Access [R-07.2015]

Reexamination files are open to inspection by the general public by way of the Public PAIR via the USPTO Internet site. In viewing the images of the reexamination proceedings, members of the public will be able to view the entire content of the reexamination file with the exception of non-patent literature. To access Public PAIR, a member of the public would go to the USPTO website at

If a copy of the reexamination file is requested, it may be ordered from the Document Services Division of the Office of Public Records (OPR). Orders for such copies must indicate the control number of the reexamination proceeding. Orders should be addressed as follows:

Mail Stop Document Services
Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
P.O. Box 1450
Alexandria, VA 22313-1450

Requests for a copy of a request may also be sent via email to:, and the cost of the copy may be charged to a credit card or deposit account. Alternatively, a copy may be obtained from IFW via PAIR.

To obtain a “certified copy” of a reexamination file, a CD-ROM may be purchased from Document Services Division of OPR.

2632.01 Determining If a Reexamination Request Was Filed for a Patent [R-07.2015]


Both the Internet and the USPTO intranet can be accessed to determine if a reexamination request has been filed for a particular patent.

Using the USPTO Intranet

From the USPTO intranet site http://ptoweb/ptointranet/index.htm, Office personnel can click on “PALM” and then “General Information” which opens the PALM INTRANET General Information Display.

From here, enter the patent number in the box labeled Patent #.

Click on “Search” and when the “Patent Number Information” appears, click on “Continuity Data” to obtain the reexamination number.

Any reexamination for the patent number will be listed.

There will be about a ten (10) day lag between filing and data entry into the PALM database.



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