Byron G. Rogers Federal Building, home of the USPTO Denver Satellite OfficeThe USPTO's Denver office officially opened June 30, 2014 in the Byron G. Rogers Federal Building. The Rogers building is home to 11 federal agencies in downtown Denver and offers convenient access to downtown and suburban sites. The office will house both examiners and Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) judges in a 45,000 square foot space. The building offers a fitness center, health unit, and large conference space. PTAB judges have been working from a temporary location since January 2013.  100 examiners, 20 administrative patent judges, and their support staff will be at the location.

Russell Slifer is the newly appointed Director of Rocky Mountain Regional Office. He has practiced intellectual property law for the last 20 years and for the past eight years he has served as the Chief Patent Counsel for Micron Technology in Boise, Idaho. He was a design engineer for Honeywell and spent more than nine years in private practice in Minnesota helping high technology clients, including individual inventors, universities, and Fortune 100 companies build patent portfolios to protect their innovations. Russ is an active member in the legal and innovation communities.


While parking is not available in the Byron G. Rogers Federal Building for USPTO visitors, there are number of parking garages located within just a few blocks of the building which are listed below.  Metered parking is also available on the side of the building with a 2 – hour maximum.  Note that the Denver Office does not validate parking.

Nearby Parking:

  • Ambassador Parking Management offers surface parking at the corner of 20th Street and Champa Street; telephone: (303) 972-4510
  • Century Link Building offers garage parking at 1890 Stout Street telephone: (303) 292-6126
  • 24-Hour Public Parking offers surface parking at the corner of 20th Street and Stout Street directly across from the Byron G. Rogers Federal Building; no monthly parking

Building Access

Proceed to the building Security Desk and present a valid photo ID.  The building security guard will contact the USPTO guard desk to confirm access and/or arrange for you to be escorted by a USPTO employee.  They will direct you to the left bank of elevators.  Proceed to the 14th floor and upon exiting the elevators, you will see the USPTO guard desk.  Once you arrive, USPTO guards will assist you in signing in for admittance.

Public Searching

Universal Public Workstations at the Byron G. Rogers USPTO Satellite Office in Denver provide access to the agency’s public electronic patent and trademark collections. The public search room is designed to enable individual researchers to conduct self-directed searches. The Denver office has four public workstations available that have the same access requirements and print capabilities as identical public workstations in USPTO’s Public Search Facility. Customers who have limited experience in patent or trademark searching, or are new to the subject area of patents and trademarks, are strongly encouraged to first contact or pay a visit to the Denver Public Library. The Denver Public Library is a Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) that offers beginner orientation on searching for patents and trademarks and is located about one mile from the Denver office at 10 West 14th Avenue, Denver, CO 80204.

Public searching on universal public workstations is available from 9 AM - 4 PM MT Monday - Friday, except federal holidays.

The Public Search Facility at USPTO's Alexandria, VA. headquarters offers access to additional collections and services.


Video conferencing equipment is available for use for patent application interviews and can be scheduled once an interview has been set up with an applicant’s respective examiner. Please work with your examiner to schedule an interview at the Denver Satellite Office using video conferencing equipment. For any additional assistance, please to contact the Denver office at (303) 297-4600.

Collaborative Spaces

The USPTO partnered with GSA for a Workplace Engagement plan study how satellite office spaces might be aligned to meet agency goals, and to better provide spaces for enhanced collaboration and public outreach.  As a result, the Denver USPTO office has a number of collaborative spaces within the USPTO space for public to use.  For example, the Collaboration Center is designed to enable Rocky Mountain region educators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and IP community to collaborate while allowing USPTO to provide them with appropriate information and resources.   This space may be configured in different ways to conduct conferences equipped with a whiteboard wall, whiteboard easels, and two telephones.  The spaces do need to be reserved in advance.

Patent Trial and Appeal Board

Judges for the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in Denver work in conjunction with judges at the USPTO’s main campus in Alexandria, VA.  Also, the Denver Hearing Room is equipped with enhanced collaboration equipment that provides a new venue to our stakeholders from which to participate in Board proceedings.