CPC Definition - Subclass A23V

Last Updated Version: 2017.08
Food compositions, function of food ingredients or processes for food or foodstuffs
Definition statement

This place covers:

Foodstuffs and food processes compositions and processes. Indexing symbols are used in combination with the base class A23V 2002/00 to indicate the composition, function of ingredient(s) or process.

Special rules of classification

A23V 2002/00 scheme is used to index food processes and function and/or composition of food. The indexing system is used as additional information to indicate more specific features of a composition, e.g. a particular additive (such as a gum or plant extract) which is significant for the invention.

  • general format: A23V 2002/00,symbol1,symbol2,symbol3,symbol4,... the order of the symbols does not matter

In addition, the indexing system is used as additional information to indicate a particular function of an ingredient :

  • e.g. carbon dioxide as foaming agent is indexed:
  • At least one symbol is associated with A23V 2002/00 but preferably two or more symbols (generally up to about 15-18 symbols) may be used in combination, the number of combination symbols is however not limited.
  • several different combinations should be given for different compositions, e.g.

composition 1 : A23V 2002/00, symbol1,symbol2,symbol3

composition 2 : A23V 2002/00, symbol1,symbol3,symbol4,symbol5

  • specific examples are indexed in priority as far as possible, comparative examples may also be indexed.
  • if less than 5 to10 examples : all examples should be indexed
  • more than 10 examples : the most significant ones only are indexed
  • if less than 15 indexable components : all components (and possibly function(s), processes) are indexed.
  • If several functions/processes are associated with different combinations of ingredients (composition), multiple combinations should be given, e.g.

(funct1,2,3,.. = symbol for function ; ingr1,2,3,.. = symbol for ingredient)

A23V 2002/00,funct1,ingr2,ingr3,ingr4,ingr6

A23V 2002/00,funct2,ingr2,ingr5,ingr7,ingr8

A23V 2002/00,funct3,ingr2,ingr6,ingr8,ingr9

  • If several functions are associated with the same composition, all functions can be indexed in the same combination, e.g.

A23V 2002/00,funct1,funct2,funct3,ingr1,ingr2,ingr3

  • if more than 15 indexable components : the most significant ones are indexed and/or mixture symbols are used, e.g. A23V 2250/70 for vitamin mixture, A23V 2250/156 for mineral mixture.
  • if no example present, the claims are indexed (preferably the dependent claims comprising the greatest number of components in combination).