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  • This subclass covers only details which are not restricted to measuring instruments or to any other apparatus covered by a single class.
  • This subclass does not cover:
    • details covered by any other subclass in section A, F, G or H. In particular, details restricted to the measuring instruments are covered by the relevant subclasses of class G01, e.g. G01D;
    • constructional details restricted to electric apparatus, e.g. casings, screenings, which are covered by subclass H05K or the relevant subclass in section H.
  • Attention is drawn to the Notes following the title of section G, especially as regards to the definition of the term "measuring" in Note (2) following the title of class G01.

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
G12B 1/00
Sensitive elements capable of producing movement or displacement for purposes not limited to measurement; Associated transmission mechanisms therefor [2017-08]
G12B 1/02
Compound strips or plates, e.g. bimetallic [2013-01]
G12B 1/04
Hollow bodies having parts which are deformable or displaceable under pressure, e.g. Bourdon tube, bellows (bellows in general F16J 3/00) [2013-01]
G12B 3/00
Details of movements not otherwise provided for (damping of shock or vibrations in general F16F; avoiding out-of-balance forces F16F 15/00; testing balance G01M) [2013-01]
G12B 3/02
Caging of movements, i.e. locking of movements when not in use [2013-01]
G12B 3/04
Suspensions (bearings F16C) [2013-01]
G12B 3/06
Reducing effects of friction, e.g. by vibration (by lubrication F16N) [2013-01]
G12B 3/08
Damping of movements, e.g. to promote rapid non-oscillatory movement to a final reading [2013-01]
G12B 3/10
. .
using eddy currents [2013-01]
G12B 5/00
Adjusting position or attitude, e.g. level, of instruments or other apparatus, or of parts thereof (levels per se G01C 9/00); Compensating for the effects of tilting or acceleration, e.g. for optical apparatus [2017-01]
G12B 7/00
Compensating for the effects of temperature (by cooling G12B 15/00) [2013-01]
G12B 9/00
Housing or supporting of instruments or other apparatus [2013-01]
G12B 9/02
Casings; Housings; Cabinets (sealing arrangements for transmission members F16J, particularly F16J 15/50) [2013-01]
G12B 9/04
. .
Details, e.g. cover [2013-01]
G12B 9/06
. . .
Metal casings [2013-01]
G12B 9/08
Supports; Devices for carrying [2013-01]
G12B 9/10
. .
Instruments boards; Panels; Desks; Racks [2013-01]
G12B 11/00
Indicating elements; Illumination thereof [2013-01]
G12B 11/02
Scales; Dials [2013-01]
G12B 11/04
Pointers; Setting-mechanisms therefor [2013-01]
G12B 13/00
Calibrating of instruments and apparatus (calibrating of measuring instruments G01) [2013-01]
G12B 15/00
Cooling (by refrigeration, e.g. circulation of refrigerated fluid, F25D; heat-exchange or heat-transfer details of general application F28F) [2013-01]
G12B 15/02
by closed-cycle fluid-circulating systems [2013-01]
G12B 15/04
by currents of fluid, e.g. air, in open cycle [2013-01]
G12B 15/06
by contact with heat-absorbing or radiating masses, e.g. heat-sink [2013-01]
G12B 17/00
Screening (insulation or other protection of buildings E04B; emergency protection of apparatus in general F16P 7/00; in connection with acoustic waves G10K 11/00; in connection with nuclear radiation G21F) [2013-01]

  • This group covers:
    • the protection of instruments or other apparatus from external radiation or other influences;
    • the prevention of the emission of undesirable radiation or other influences by instruments or other apparatus.
G12B 17/02
from electric or magnetic fields, e.g. radio waves [2013-01]
G12B 17/04
from visible, ultraviolet, or infrared light (screening of lighting devices F21V; optical filters G02B 5/20) [2023-08]
G12B 17/06
from heat (G12B 17/04 takes precedence; cooling G12B 15/00) [2013-01]
G12B 17/08
from influences producing mechanical damage, e.g. caused by blast, by external objects, by person (G12B 17/02 - G12B 17/06 take precedence) [2016-05]