Cool IP:
This Day In Intellectual property history


  • 5| Patent No. US 4391797 granted to Robert Langer in 1983 for a controlled drug delivery system.
  • 10| Patent No. US 3043625 granted to Nils Bohlin in 1962 for the safety belt.
  • 22| Patent No. US 3965357 granted to Godfrey Hounsfield in 1976 for "apparatus for examining a body by means of penetrating radiation"(CAT scan).


  • 3| Patent No. US 6770074 granted to Gary Michelson in 2004for an "apparatus for us in inserting spinal implants".
  • 8| Patent No. US 2168768 granted to Philo Farnsworth in 1939 for television.
  • 10| Patent No. US 4343993 granted to Heinrich Rohrer in 1982 for "scanning tunneling microscope"(electronic microscope).
  • 12| Patent No. US 2252554 granted to Wallace Carothers in 1941 for "polymeric material" (Nylon).
  • 13| Patent No. US 3829095 granted to Ralph H. Baer in 1974 for the first video game console.
  • 14| Patent No. US 4164560 granted to Judah Folkman in 1979 for "systems for the controlled release of macromolecules" (antiangiogenic therapy against tumor).


  • 19| Patent No. US 4115730 granted to Peter Mansfield in 1978 for "nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods"(EPI/MRI).