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The National Medal of Technology and Innovation 2006 Laureates

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2006 Laureates

Leslie A. GeddesLeslie A. Geddes

Purdue University, Lafayette, IN

For his contributions to electrode design and tissue restoration, which have led to the widespread use of a wide variety of clinical devices. His discoveries and inventions have saved and enriched thousands of lives and have formed the cornerstone of much of the modern implantable medical device field.


Paul G. KaminskiPaul G. Kaminski

Technovation, Inc., Fairfax Station, VA

For his contributions to national security through the development of advanced, unconventional imaging from space, and for developing and fielding advanced systems with greatly enhanced survivability. He has made a profound difference in the national security posture and the global leadership of the United States.


Herwig W. KogelnikHerwig W. Kogelnik

Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs (Murray Hill, NJ) of Fair Haven

For his pioneering contributions and leadership in the development of the technology of lasers, optoelectronics, integrated optics, and lightwave communication systems that have been instrumental in driving the growth of fiber optic transmission systems for our Nation's communications infrastructure.


Charles M. VestCharles M. Vest

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA), of Arlington, VA

For his visionary leadership in advancing America's technological workforce and capacity for innovation through revitalizing the national partnership among academia, government, and industry.


James E. WestJames E. West

The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), of Plainfield, NJ

For co-inventing the electret microphone in 1962. Ninety percent of the two billion microphones produced annually and used in everyday items such as telephones, hearing aids, camcorders, and multimedia computers employ electret technology.


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