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The National Medal of Technology and Innovation 2003 Laureates

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2003 Laureates

Jan D. AchenbachJan D. Achenbach

Departments of Mechanical and Civil and Environmental Engineering
Northwestern University Evanston, IL

For his seminal contributions to engineering research and education and for pioneering ultrasonic methods for the detection of cracks and corrosion in aircraft, leading to improved safety for aircraft structures.


Watts S. HumphreyWatts S. Humphrey

Fellow of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University

For his vision of a discipline for software engineering, for his work toward meeting that vision, and for the resultant impact on the U.S. Government, industry, and academic communities.


Robert M. MetcalfeRobert M. Metcalfe

Polaris Venture Partners, Waltham, MA

For leadership in the invention, standardization, and commercialization of the Ethernet.


Rodney Bagley, Irwin Lachman, Ronald Lewis - Corning, Inc.Rodney D. Bagley, Irwin M. Lachman, Ronald M. Lewis

Corning Incorporated

For their pioneering work resulting in the design and manufacture of the cellular ceramic substrate for catalytic converters that enabled auto manufacturers to develop the first commercially mass-produced automotive catalytic converter.



Des Plaines, IL

For more than 85 years of sustained technical leadership and innovation for the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries; and for the invention and commercialization of adsorbents, catalysts, process plants, and process technology


WARFWisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation WARF, Madison, WI

For more than 75 years of support of the cycle of innovation, from research to invention to investment, by supporting faculty and student research at the University of Wisconsin and pioneering the transfer of university ideas to U.S. businesses.


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