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The National Medal of Technology and Innovation Recipients

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1999 Laureates

Glen Culler

Glen CullerChief Scientist and Chairman of the Board (retired)
Culler Scientific Systems Corporation

For pioneering innovations in multiple branches of computing, including early efforts in digital speech processing, invention of the first on-line system for interactive graphical mathematics computing and pioneering work on the ARPAnet.

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Raymond Kurzweil

Raymond KurzweilFounder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.

For pioneering and innovative achievements in computer science such as voice recognition, which have overcome many barriers and enriched the lives of disabled persons and all Americans.

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Robert Swanson

Robert Swanson(Posthumous Award), Chairman of K&E Management, Ltd.

For his foresight and leadership in recognizing the commercial promise of recombinant DNA technology and his seminal role in the establishment and development of the biotechnology industry.

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Robert Taylor

Robert TaylorFor visionary leadership in the development of modern computing technology, including computer networks, the personal computer and the graphical user interface.

Symbol Technologies, Inc. For creating the global market for laser bar code scanning and for technical innovation and practical application of mobile computing and wireless local area network technologies.

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