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The National Medal of Technology and Innovation Recipients

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1993 Laureates

Amos E. Joel, Jr.

AT&T Bell Laboratories

For his vision, inventiveness and perseverance in introducing technological advances in telecommunications, particularly in switching, that have had a major impact on the evolution of the telecommunications industry in the U.S. and worldwide.


William H. Joyce

Union Carbide Corp.

For his vision and entrepreneurial talents, along with his technology and business leadership, in creating and commercializing a process (UNIPOL) that revolutionized the production of plastics.


George Kozmetsky

IC2 Institute

For his commercialization of various technologies through the establishment and development of over one hundred technology-based companies that employ tens of thousands of people and export over one billion dollars worldwide.


George Levitt, Du Pont Corp. and Marinus Los, American Cyanamid Corp.

For their independent contribution to the discovery and commercialization of environmentally friendly herbicides to help ensure an abundant food supply for a growing world population.


Hans W. Liepmann

Cal Tech University

For his outstanding research contributions to the field of fluid mechanics and for his devotion for over 40 years to the education of the world's leaders in aeronautical engineering.


William D. Manly

Martin Marietta Energy Systems and ORNL

For his outstanding success in the development and processing of advanced high-temperature and high-performance materials, and the transfer of this technology to a variety of American industries.


Kenneth H. Olsen

Digital Equipment Corp.

For his contributions to the development and use of computer technology; and for his entrepreneurial contribution to American business.


Walter L. Robb

General Electric Corp.

For his leadership in the development and commercialization of new medical imaging technologies and related manufacturing initiatives both of which have improved people's health and contributed to U.S. global leadership in a high-technology industry.


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