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The National Medal of Technology and Innovation Recipients

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1988 Laureates

John L. Atwood

Rockwell International Corp.

For distinguished leadership, technical competence and integrity in the technological advancement of aviation and space travel.


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Arnold O. Beckman

Beckman Instruments and Smithkline Beckman Corp.

For exceptional creativity in designing analytical instruments that are recognized as the best in the world and for developing a successful business whose products have helped to keep the United States in the forefront of chemistry, chemical engineering and biotechnology.


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Paul M. Cook

Raychem Corp.

For his vision and entrepreneurial efforts, his technical accomplishments and his business and technical leadership as the key contributor in creating a worldwide chemically based industry.


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Raymond Damadian, FONAR Corporation and Paul C. Lauterbur, The University of Illinois

For their independent contributions in conceiving and developing the application of magnetic resonance technology to medical uses including whole body scanning and diagnostic imaging.


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Robert H. Dennard

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

For invention of the basic one-transistor dynamic memory cell used worldwide in virtually all modern computers.


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Harold E. Edgerton

EG&G Corporation & Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For the invention of the electronic stroboscopic flash and for finding a multitude of applications for it within science, technology and industry.


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Clarence L. Johnson

Lockheed Corporation

For his outstanding achievements in the design of a series of commercial, military, and reconnaissance aircraft that incorporated a wide range of technological advancements, and for his innovative management techniques which helped develop and produce these aircraft in record time and at a minimum cost.


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Edwin H. Land

Polaroid Corporation and the Rowland Institute for Science

For the invention, development and marketing of instant photography.


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David Packard

Hewlett-Packard Company

For extraordinary and unselfish leadership in both industry and government, particularly in widely diversified technological fields which strengthened the competitiveness and defense capabilities of the United States.


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