CPC Definition - Subclass C12Y

Last Updated Version: 2016.11
Definition statement

This place covers:

Enzymes of which the EC number is known.

In this subclass, each enzyme is classified according to their EC number of the "Enzyme Nomenclature" (as valid on 1 January 2013) recommended by the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.The EC number appears in the subgroups within parentheses and is reflected in the classification symbol: the EC number with the notation a.bb.cc.ddd is rendered into a CPC symbol C12Y ABB/CCDDD (with no trailing zeroes at the end) where:

EC a.bb.cc.ddd

CPC symbol

a ranges from 1-6

A = 1-6

b ranges from 1-99(*)

B = 01-99

c ranges from 1-99(*)

C = 01-99

d ranges from 1-400(*)

D = 001-400

(*) not all numbers are used

Examples: Alcohol dehydrogenase: EC 101/01001

Togavirin: EC 304/2109

Hepsin: EC 304/21106

Cobaltochelatase EC 606/01002

Limiting references

This place does not cover:

A C12Y symbol can only be allocated in combination with other classes like the following:

Compositions containing enzymes and use of the compositions and compounds for preservation of bodies of humans or animals or parts thereof

A01N 1/00

Compositions containing enzymes and use of the compositions and compounds for preservation of plants or parts thereof

A01N 3/00

Biocides, pest repellents or attractants or plant growth regulators containing enzymes

A01N 63/00

Bakery products which contain enzymes


Foods or foodstuffs containing or treated with enzymes


Preparations for medical dental or toilet purposes containing enzymes


Medical preparations containing nucleic acids encoding enzymes

A61K 31/7088

Medical preparations containing genetic material encoding enzymes which is inserted into cells of the living body to treat genetic diseases; Gene therapy

A61K 48/00

Methods or apparatus for disinfecting or sterilising contact lenses in combination with enzymes

A61L 12/082

Bandages, dressings or absorbent pads for physiological fluids containing enzymes

A61L 15/38

Material for protheses subjected to enzyme treatment prior to implantation

A61L 27/3683

Protease inhibitors

C07K 14/81

Antibodies against enzymes

C07K 16/40

Detergent compositions containing enzymes

C11D 3/386

Preparation of malt

C12C 1/00

Apparatus for enzymology



C12N 9/00

Carrier-bound or immobilised enzymes

C12N 11/00

Treatment of enzymes with electrical or wave energy

C12N 13/00

Nucleic acids encoding (part of) enzymes

C12N 15/00

Antisense nucleotides against enzymes

C12N 15/113

Preparation of compounds using enzymes


Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes; Compositions therefore (including complete kits, test papers etc); Preparing such compositions

C12Q 1/00

Immunoassays for enzymes

G01N 33/573

Special rules of classification
  • This subclass is for discretionary supplementary classification of subject matter already classified as such in other classification places like the ones above.
  • Rules for use of C12Y together with any of the subgroups above are specific for each subgroup and can be found with the relevant subgroup.