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SAFES OR STRONG-ROOMS FOR VALUABLES; BANK PROTECTION DEVICES; SAFETY TRANSACTION PARTITIONS ({devices to prevent theft of bags, trunks or baskets A45C 13/18;} alarm arrangements per se G08B) [2018-08]

  • In this subclass, the following terms are used with the meanings indicated:
    • "bank" is a building or portion of a building devoted to the safekeeping or exchange of valuables between the "bank" and its customers;
    • "bank protection device" is a mechanism in or on a bank for protecting the valuables or repelling attacks by stealth or force.

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
E05G 1/00
Safes or strong-rooms for valuables (savings boxes A45C 1/12; floatable safes B63C 7/30; storage containers without attack or fire-retardant features B65D; bank buildings in general, e.g. modular construction or floor plan, E04H 1/06; buildings resistant to earthquakes or war action E04H 9/00) [2022-01]
E05G 1/005
{Portable strong boxes, e.g. which may be fixed to a wall or the like (E05G 1/08, E05G 1/14 take precedence; devices to prevent theft or loss of bags, trunks, baskets, or the like A45C 13/18; coin boxes for coin freed apparatus G07F 9/06)} [2013-01]
E05G 1/02
Details (safe hinges E05D 7/14) [2013-01]
E05G 1/024
. .
Wall or panel structure [2013-01]
E05G 1/026
. .
Closures (protective doors, windows, or like closures against air raid or other war-like action E06B 5/10; shutters, movable grilles, other safety closures E06B 9/02) [2013-01]
E05G 1/04
. .
Closure fasteners (locks E05B) [2013-01]
E05G 1/06
having provision for multiple compartments [2013-01]
E05G 1/08
. .
secured individually [2013-01]
E05G 1/10
with alarm, signal or indicator ({E05G 1/14 takes precedence}; burglar, theft or intruder alarm per se G08B 13/00; fire or explosion alarm per se G08B 17/00) [2013-01]
E05G 1/12
with fluent-material releasing, generating or distributing means, e.g. fire-retardant or fire extinguishing means (E05G 1/14 takes precedence; identifying, scaring or incapacitating burglars, thieves or intruders with smoke, gas, powder or liquid G08B 15/02) [2022-01]
E05G 1/14
with means for masking or destroying the valuables, e.g. in case of theft [2013-01]
E05G 5/00
Bank protection devices (E05G 1/12, E05G 7/00 take precedence; closed circuit television systems H04N 7/18) [2013-01]
E05G 5/003
{Entrance control (E05G 5/02 takes precedence)} [2013-01]
E05G 5/006
{Cashier's counters or receptables for holding valuables readily accessible for handling, with safeguard mechanisms for the valuables in case of hold-up} [2013-01]
E05G 5/02
Trapping or confining mechanisms, {e.g. transaction security booths}(thief or burglar incapacitating means in general G08B 15/00) [2013-01]
E05G 7/00
Safety transaction partitions, e.g. movable pay-plates; {Bank drive-up windows}(non-safety paying counters, e.g. for supermarkets A47F 9/02; {secure depositories for food A47G 29/14; secure transfers between a building and a vehicle B60P 3/03}) [2017-01]
E05G 7/001
{Bank depositories (automatic safe-deposit box systems E05G 1/06)} [2013-01]
E05G 7/002
{Security barriers for bank teller windows} [2013-01]
E05G 7/004
. .
{movable (E05G 7/005 takes precedence)} [2013-01]
E05G 7/005
. .
{Pass-boxes therefor, e.g. with stationary bottoms} [2013-01]
E05G 7/007
. . .
{with rotatable bottoms} [2013-01]
E05G 7/008
. . .
{with slidable bottoms, e.g. bank drive-up windows} [2013-01]
E05G 2700/00
Safes or accessories thereof [2013-01]
E05G 2700/02
Strong boxes, wall safes [2013-01]
E05G 2700/04
Alarm devices, trapping mechanisms or similar devices for safes or the like [2013-01]