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TRIMMINGS; RIBBONS, TAPES OR BANDS, NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR (fittings or trimmings for hats, e.g. hat bands A42C 5/00; decorating art B44; yarns or threads D02G; weaving D03; braid or lace D04C; non-woven fabrics D04H) [2018-08]

  • In this subclass, the following term is used with the meaning indicated:
    • "trimmings" means decorative or ornamental articles made wholly or partly of textile or analogous material, or strips of textile or analogous material intended to be used for decorative or ornamental purposes, not otherwise provided for

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
D04D 1/00
Ropes or like decorative or ornamental elongated trimmings made from filamentary material (ropes or cords in general D07B) [2013-01]
D04D 1/02
by twisting strands around centrally arranged cores [2013-01]
D04D 1/04
by threading or stringing pearls or beads on filamentary material [2013-01]
D04D 3/00
Chenille trimmings (chenille yarns D02G; making chenille trimmings by weaving D03D) [2013-01]
D04D 5/00
Fringes (tasselled D04D 7/08) [2013-01]
D04D 7/00
Decorative or ornamental textile articles [2013-01]
D04D 7/02
Flat articles [2013-01]
D04D 7/04
Three-dimensional articles (ornamental buttons A44B 1/04) [2013-01]
D04D 7/06
. .
Ball-like tufts, e.g. pompons [2013-01]
D04D 7/08
. .
Tassels or tasselled fringes [2013-01]
D04D 7/10
. .
Decorative bow structures (neckties with ready-made knots or bows A41D 25/02) [2013-01]
D04D 7/105
. . .
{made by means of a drawstring or drawstrip} [2013-01]
D04D 9/00
Ribbons, tapes, welts, bands, beadings, or other decorative or ornamental strips, not otherwise provided for (made by laminating B32B; binders for packaging purposes B65D; adhesive tape C09J 7/20; made by weaving D03; made by braiding D04C) [2018-01]
D04D 9/02
made by lengthwise folding of fabric strip [2013-01]
D04D 9/04
built-up from several strips or elements [2013-01]
D04D 9/06
made by working plastics [2013-01]
D04D 11/00
Ribbon-threading apparatus or devices (needles D05B) [2013-01]