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MAKING METAL CHAINS (making chains or chain links by casting B22D 25/02; chains in general F16G) [2018-08]

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
B21L 1/00
Making chains or chain links by bending workpieces of rod, wire, or strip to form links of oval or other simple shape (B21L 3/00, B21L 7/00 take precedence) [2017-08]
B21L 1/02
by bending the ends of the workpieces to abut [2013-01]
B21L 1/04
by bending and interconnecting the ends of the workpieces with or without separate jointing members [2013-01]
B21L 3/00
Making chains or chain links by bending the chain links or link parts and subsequently welding or soldering the abutting ends (B21L 7/00 takes precedence) [2013-01]
B21L 3/02
Machines or devices for welding chain links [2013-01]
B21L 3/04
. .
by making use of forge or pressure welding [2013-01]
B21L 5/00
Making chains or chain links by working the starting material in such a way that integral, i.e. jointless, chains links are formed [2013-01]
B21L 5/02
in such a way that interconnected links are formed [2013-01]
B21L 7/00
Making chains or chain links by cutting single loops or loop-parts from coils, assembling the cut parts and subsequently subjecting same to twisting with or without welding [2013-01]
B21L 9/00
Making chains or chain links, the links being composed of two or more different parts, e.g. drive chains (B21L 1/04, B21L 7/00, B21L 11/14, B21L 13/00 take precedence) [2013-01]
B21L 9/02
of roller-chain or other plate-link type [2013-01]
B21L 9/04
. .
Punching or bending the different parts of the chain links [2013-01]
B21L 9/06
. .
Sorting, feeding, assembling, riveting, or finishing parts of chains [2013-01]
B21L 9/065
. . .
{Assembling or disassembling} [2013-01]
B21L 9/08
. .
Combining the chain links with auxiliary parts, e.g. welding-on wear-resistant parts [2013-01]
B21L 11/00
Making chains or chain links of special shape [2013-01]
B21L 11/005
{Making ornamental chains (B21L 11/02 - B21L 11/14 take precedence; ornamental chains A44C)} [2016-05]
B21L 11/02
each link being formed of a single member of which both ends are bent or shaped to engage the middle portions of the next link [2013-01]
B21L 11/04
. .
the ends being pierced or punched to form eyes [2013-01]
B21L 11/06
. . .
the workpiece being of thin strip metal [2013-01]
B21L 11/08
. .
the ends being interengaged with other parts of the same link [2013-01]
B21L 11/10
the chain links having opposed correspondingly shaped cylindrical and hook-like parts of which one parts forms a hinge-like support for the adjacent link (B21L 11/02 takes precedence) [2013-01]
B21L 11/12
Forming bead chains [2017-08]
B21L 11/14
Making chain links with inserted or integrally-formed studs [2017-08]
B21L 13/00
Making terminal or intermediate chain links of special shape; Making couplings for chains, e.g. swivels, shackles [2017-08]
B21L 15/00
Finishing or dressing chains or chain links, e.g. removing burr material, calibrating (B21L 9/06 takes precedence) [2013-01]
B21L 15/005
{Pre-stretching chains} [2013-01]
B21L 15/02
Twisting already closed links [2013-01]
B21L 19/00
Appurtenances for chain-making not restricted to any particular process [2013-01]
B21L 21/00
Tools or implements for repairing chains using metal-working operations, e.g. for detaching deformed chain links [2016-08]
B21L 99/00
Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass [2013-01]