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  • This subclass covers the use of cosmetics or similar toiletry preparations already classified as such in main group A61K 8/00, in subclasses C11D or C12N, or in classes C01, C07 or C08.
  • When classifying in this subclass, classification is also made in subclass A61P if the preparation is stated to have therapeutic activity.
  • In this subclass, the use of cosmetics or similar toiletry preparations is classified in all appropriate places.
  • Attention is drawn to cases where the subject of the invention concerns only the specific use of cosmetics or toiletry preparations, and the chemical structure, compound, mixture or composition of this subject of the invention is known. In such cases, classification is made in main group A61K 8/00 or in subclass C11D, and also in subclass A61Q as invention information. In addition, if the chemical structure, compound, mixture or composition or any individual ingredient of a mixture or composition is considered to represent information of interest for search, it may also be classified as additional information.
  • The classification symbols of this subclass are not listed first when assigned to patent documents.

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
A61Q 1/00
Make-up preparations; Body powders; Preparations for removing make-up [2013-01]
A61Q 1/02
Preparations containing skin colorants, e.g. pigments (preparations in powder form A61Q 1/12) [2013-01]
A61Q 1/025
. .
{Semi-permanent tattoos, stencils, e.g. "permanent make-up"} [2013-01]
A61Q 1/04
. .
for lips [2013-01]
A61Q 1/06
. . .
Lipsticks [2013-01]
A61Q 1/08
. .
for cheeks, e.g. rouge [2013-01]
A61Q 1/10
. .
for eyes, e.g. eyeliner, mascara [2013-01]
A61Q 1/12
Face or body powders for grooming, adorning or absorbing [2013-01]
A61Q 1/14
Preparations for removing make-up [2013-01]
A61Q 1/145
. .
{Tattoo removal} [2013-01]
A61Q 3/00
Manicure or pedicure preparations [2013-01]
A61Q 3/02
Nail coatings [2013-01]
A61Q 3/04
Nail coating removers [2013-01]
A61Q 5/00
Preparations for care of the hair [2013-01]
A61Q 5/002
{Preparations for repairing the hair, e.g. hair cure} [2013-01]
A61Q 5/004
{Preparations used to protect coloured hair} [2013-01]
A61Q 5/006
{Antidandruff preparations} [2013-01]
A61Q 5/008
{Preparations for oily hair} [2013-01]
A61Q 5/02
Preparations for cleaning the hair [2013-01]
A61Q 5/04
Preparations for permanent waving or straightening the hair [2013-01]
A61Q 5/06
Preparations for styling the hair, e.g. by temporary shaping or colouring [2013-01]
A61Q 5/065
. .
{Preparations for temporary colouring the hair, e.g. direct dyes} [2013-01]
A61Q 5/08
Preparations for bleaching the hair [2013-01]
A61Q 5/10
Preparations for permanently dyeing the hair [2013-01]
A61Q 5/12
Preparations containing hair conditioners [2013-01]
A61Q 7/00
Preparations for affecting hair growth [2019-01]
A61Q 7/02
Preparations for inhibiting or slowing hair growth [2013-01]
A61Q 9/00
Preparations for removing hair or for aiding hair removal [2013-01]
A61Q 9/02
Shaving preparations [2013-01]
A61Q 9/04
Depilatories [2013-01]
A61Q 11/00
Preparations for care of the teeth, of the oral cavity or of dentures; Dentifrices, e.g. toothpastes; Mouth rinses [2013-01]
A61Q 11/02
Preparations for deodorising, bleaching or disinfecting dentures [2013-11]
A61Q 13/00
Formulations or additives for perfume preparations (essential oils or perfumes per se C11B 9/00) [2013-01]
A61Q 15/00
Anti-perspirants or body deodorants (deodorisation of air A61L 9/00) [2013-01]
A61Q 17/00
Barrier preparations; Preparations brought into direct contact with the skin for affording protection against external influences, e.g. sunlight, X-rays or other harmful rays, corrosive materials, bacteria or insect stings [2021-05]
A61Q 17/005
{Antimicrobial preparations} [2013-01]
A61Q 17/02
containing insect repellants [2017-08]

  • References listed below indicate IPC places which could also be of interest when carrying out a search in respect of the subject-matter covered by the preceding group: Pest repellants A01N
A61Q 17/04
Topical preparations for affording protection against sunlight or other radiation; Topical sun tanning preparations [2013-01]
A61Q 19/00
Preparations for care of the skin [2013-01]
A61Q 19/001
{Preparations for care of the lips} [2013-01]
A61Q 19/002
{Aftershave preparations} [2013-01]
A61Q 19/004
{Aftersun preparations} [2013-01]
A61Q 19/005
{Preparations for sensitive skin} [2013-01]
A61Q 19/007
{Preparations for dry skin} [2013-01]
A61Q 19/008
{Preparations for oily skin} [2013-01]
A61Q 19/02
for chemically bleaching or whitening the skin [2013-01]
A61Q 19/04
for chemically tanning the skin (topical sun or radiation screening or tanning preparations A61Q 17/04) [2013-01]
A61Q 19/06
for countering cellulitis [2013-01]
A61Q 19/08
Anti-ageing preparations [2013-01]
A61Q 19/10
Washing or bathing preparations [2013-01]
A61Q 90/00
Cosmetics or similar toiletry preparations for specific uses not provided for in other groups of this subclass [2023-02]

  • Classification is only made in this group when a specific use for a cosmetic or similar toiletry preparation has been clearly disclosed, the specific use not being appropriate to any of the preceding groups in this subclass.