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1809 Private PAIR Access [R-07.2022]

The private Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system displays information regarding patent application status. The private PAIR system allows applicant to access the current patent application status electronically via the Internet. To have access to private PAIR, the applicant must (1) be a registered patent attorney/agent, an independent inventor, or a person granted limited recognition, (2) have a customer number, and (3) have a verified account to allow secure access to patent data. Further information can be found at register.jsp.

To associate a new international application that applicant is filing in EFS-Web with an existing customer number, enter the customer number in the appropriate field of EFS-Web when filling in the data.

To associate a previously filed international application to a customer number, a request must be made. Applicant must provide the customer number, international application number, registration number and signature of applicant or attorney of record. Form PTO-2248 may be obtained from the USPTO website ( international-protection/patent-cooperation-treaty/ pct-chapter-i-forms). The form can be mailed or transmitted by facsimile to Mail Stop EBC, Commissioner for Patents, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria, VA 22313-1450. The fax number is 571-273-0177.

The ability to view on private PAIR the status of the international application does not allow an applicant to change the correspondence address or appoint or change an agent with the customer number. See MPEP § 1807. Such a change must be made under PCT Rule 92bis through the submission of a written request to the U.S. receiving Office or the International Bureau.



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