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Factors for Determining Filing Fee

The filing fee for your application will be based on the following: (1) NUMBER OF MARKS: Only ONE mark may be filed per application.  If you have multiple marks, they require separate applications, each with its own filing fee; (2) NUMBER OF CLASSES: You must pay for each class of goods and/or services in the application.  For example, if the application is for one mark but the mark is used on goods in two different classes, such as computer software in Class 9 and t-shirts in Class 25, then a filing fee for two classes is required before the application could be approved; and (3) THE VERSION OF THE FORM BEING USED:  The application filing fee for the TEAS Plus version of the form is $275 per class of goods and/or services, but with stricter requirements, while regular TEAS is $325 per class.   For more information about fees, including payment options and a listing of other trademark fees, see the overall Trademark Fee Information page.

NO FEE REFUNDS:  Registration is NOT automatic and requires legal review by an examining attorney.  Please take all necessary steps to ensure your mark is entitled to receive a trademark registration before filing an application.   For example, it is important to take steps such as consulting the ID Manual and searching the USPTO database before beginning the application (see "Identifying Your Goods and/or Services" and "Searching Marks in USPTO Database" sections, above). 

WARNING: Additional fee(s) and filing(s) will be required if you select the "intent to use basis" in the application form.  Documents showing use of the mark in commerce will be required before registration.

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