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Many trademark documents, including an application, require payment of a filing fee. These fees are generally not refundable even if the USPTO does not ultimately register your mark. See additional information below. Trademark registration involves a legal determination and is not automatic. Before filing an application, please review the Trademark Basics page and information about the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).

List of Trademark Fees 

There are many factors for determining the filing fee for an initial application, and you should be familiar with these factors before accessing the list of possible fees, immediately below.

Trademark Fees

Methods of Payment

Fees may be paid by any of the following methods:

  • Credit Cards accepted are VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®. All TEAS forms accept credit card payment. To pay by credit card when not using TEAS, you must submit a "Credit Card Payment Form."
  • USPTO Deposit Accounts are pre-paid fund reserves that customers can establish to pay fees to the USPTO. Financial Manager makes it easy to establish and manage deposit accounts online. For more information, please review the Deposit Account Rules and Information page. Instructions on how to replenish deposit accounts are available on the Deposit Account Replenishment Options page.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs) make it easy to pay fees to the USPTO directly from your U.S. bank account. Financial Manager makes it easy to establish and manage EFTs online. For more information, please review the Electronic Funds Transfer page.
  • Check or Money Orders must be made payable to "Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office." There is a $50 processing fee for any check returned to the USPTO unpaid.

FOREIGN FUNDS NOT ACCEPTED: All fees must be in U.S. dollars. For additional information on payments, see Fees and Payment FAQs and How to Pay Fees. The USPTO encourages providing fees online using the forms available on the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS).

Refunds Generally Unavailable

Fees paid are generally not refundable by the USPTO. For more information, see TMEP Section 405.04.

Mailing Address Information

Access information on addressing trademark mail.

Fee Questions

For questions concerning fees and payment methods contact the Trademark Assistance Center at 1-800-786-9199.