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USPTO's Prioritized Patent Examination Program

Track One Prioritized Examination 

Need to FAST track your patent? Use Track One!


Fast innovation is America’s competitive edge. If you need to move your ideas quickly, USPTO's Track One prioritized examination will allow you to get a final disposition within about twelve months.  The USPTO offers Track One for prioritized examination of your utility and plant patent applications. Track One gives your application special status with fewer requirements than the current accelerated examination program and without having to perform a pre-examination search.

Prioritized examination is available for a fee at the time of filing an original utility or plant application. A single request for prioritized examination may be granted for a Request for Continued Examination (RCE) in a plant or utility application.

Thousands of applicants have used Track One already. Join them on the prioritized examination FAST track!

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Prioritized Examination (aka Track One) Statistics
Report Date: October 9, 2014
Total Requests 
  Pending Granted Dismissed Total
 FY2014 563 8085 406 9054
 FY2013 3 6333 536 6872
 FY2012 0 4666 358 5024
 FY2011 3 827 25 855
Examination Status
  First Action on the Merits mailed Final Dispositions mailed Number Allowances of total Final Dispositions
 Number of Track One applications 13724 10786 6412
Pendency Information
Pendency to FAOM from Grant of Request (mos.) Pendency to Final Disposition from Grant of Request (mos.)
2.42 6.05
Requests by Technology Center (TC)
TC Count of Serial Number
1600 2669
1700 1337
2100 2256
2400 3139
2600 2513
2800 1985
3600 3747
3700 3630
(Undesignated) 318
Grand Total 21594



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