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Patent Trial and Appeal Board

Welcome to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.  The Board's duties include review of adverse decisions, review of appeals of reexaminations, derivation proceedings, inter partes and post-grant reviews, and rendering decisions on interferences. 


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  • PRPS is currently down as of December 16, 2014 3:00 pm EST.

PTAB will be extending deadlines for the parties for all matters that do not have statutory deadlines until the site becomes available.  As for petition filings, patent owner responses, motions, and requests for rehearing (on institution decisions or final decisions) and any other matters that have an imposed deadline or statutory due date, the parties should send an e-mail to TRIALS@USPTO.GOV indicating the need to file one of these items.  DO NOT send attachments.  PTAB will authorize filing of late attachments and PTAB will change the filing dates in PRPS to reflect the appropriate filing date.  ALL MATTERS SHOULD BE SERVED ON OPPOSING COUNSEL ON THE APPROPRIATE DUE DATE.

PRPS users who have a session that is idle for 25 minutes will receive a pop up warning message requesting the user to continue their session by actively clicking on the Ok button. The pop up warning message will display a 5 minute countdown informing the user to actively click on the Ok button before the countdown ends. If there is no action by the user, then their session will end and if they want to continue the session, they will need to close their browser, reopen their browser to access the PRPS site and log back in. If you had entered information on the PRPS page without saving, you will lose the information. If you have saved your information, then it will be available when you log back in. For additional information, see FAQs A15, A16, A17, A18 and A20.

If you have any questions, you can contact the PTAB assistance line at 571-272-7822.


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