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CPC Definition - Subclass G10F

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Last Updated Version: 2016.11
AUTOMATIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (non-musical aspects of toy instruments A63H 5/00; sound recording or reproducing G11B; working in association with recording or reproducing apparatus G11B 31/02)
Definition statement

This place covers:

Automatic musical instruments, e.g., pianofortes, musical boxes, carillons and barrel organs.

Independent players for keyboard instruments.

Details or accessories thereof.

Limiting references

This place does not cover:

Non-musical aspects of musical toy instruments

Arrangements for the associated working of recording or reproducing apparatus with automatic musical instruments

Informative references

Attention is drawn to the following places, which may be of interest for search:

Musical toys per se

Organs, harmoniums or like; wind actuated musical instruments

Pianos, harpsichords, spinets or similar stringed musical instruments with one or more keyboards

Stringed musical instruments; Wind musical instruments; Accordions or concertinas; Percussion musical instruments; Musical instruments not otherwise provided for

Aids for music; Supports for musical instruments

Other separate auxiliary devices or accessories

Electrophonic musical instruments; Instruments in which the tones are generated by electromechanical means or electronic generators, or in which the tones are synthesised from a data store