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REPRESENTATION OF MUSIC; RECORDING MUSIC IN NOTATION FORM; ACCESSORIES FOR MUSIC OR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR, e.g. SUPPORTS (music stands A47B; non-musical aspects of musical toy instruments A63H 5/00; metronomes G04F 5/02; teaching music G09B 15/00) [2021-01]

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
G10G 1/00
Means for the representation of music [2013-01]
G10G 1/02
Chord or note indicators, fixed or adjustable, for keyboard of fingerboards [2013-01]
G10G 1/04
Transposing; Transcribing [2013-01]
G10G 3/00
Recording music in notation form, e.g. recording the mechanical operation of a musical instrument [2013-01]
G10G 3/02
using mechanical means only [2013-01]
G10G 3/04
using electrical means [2013-01]
G10G 5/00
Supports for musical instruments {(cellopins or components therefor G10D 3/01)} [2020-02]
G10G 5/005
{while playing, e.g. cord, strap or harness (rests or guards as part of the instruments, see the particular instruments, e.g. G10D 3/18)} [2013-01]
G10G 7/00
Other auxiliary devices or accessories, e.g. conductors' batons or separate holders for resin or strings [2013-01]
G10G 7/005
{Carrying cases for musical instruments (interior fittings for luggage A45C 13/02)} [2013-01]
G10G 7/02
Tuning forks or like devices [2013-01]