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CPC Definition - Subclass G10B

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Last Updated Version: 2016.11
ORGANS; HARMONIUMS OR LIKE WIND-ACTUATED MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (mouth organs G10D 7/12; accordions G10D 11/00; aspects of automatic actuation G10F 1/12; combinations of microphones, pick-ups or amplifiers with musical instruments G10H; electronic organs G10H 7/00)
Definition statement

This place covers:

General design of organs, harmoniums, or like wind-actuated musical instruments.

Limiting references

This place does not cover:

Non-musical aspects of musical toy instruments

Mouth organs

Accordions or concertinas; Keyboards therefor

Automatic wind actuated instruments

Informative references

Attention is drawn to the following places, which may be of interest for search:

Musical toys

Keyboards or keys for pianos, harpsichords, spinets or similar stringed musical instruments with one or more keyboard

Wind musical instruments, e.g. flutes, ocarinas, oboes, clarinets, bagpipes, saxophones, trumpets; general design, details and accessories therefor

Aids for music; Supports for musical instruments

Other separate auxiliary devices or accessories

Electrophonic musical instruments; Instruments in which the tones are generated by electromechanical means or electronic generators, or in which the tones are synthesised from a data store

Electronic organs

Computer organs