CPC Definition - Subclass G06M

Last Updated Version: 2020.01
COUNTING MECHANISMS; COUNTING OF OBJECTS NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR (counting by measuring volume or weight of articles to be counted G01F, G01G; computers G06C - G06J; counting electric pulses H03K; counting characters, words or messages in switching networks for transmission of digital information H04L 12/08)
Definition statement

This place covers:

Stepping or continuously-moving mechanical counters operated through one or more inputs applied to the lowest order mechanically or electrically.

Counting systems involving applications of either mechanical, electrical, or electronic counters.

Limiting references

This place does not cover:

Sorting, grading, counting or marking live aquatic animals

A01K 61/90

Counting in machine for making cigarettes

A24C 5/32

Table equipment for counting of consumptions

A47G 23/10

Counting of pills

A61J 7/02

Score-keepers and score display devices

A63B 71/0669

Counting in machines for shaping metal without removing material

B21C 51/00

Counting of sheets in platen presses

B41F 1/58

Counting in printing machines or presses

B41F 33/02

Counting in office copying machines

B41L 39/02

Counting of axles of rail vehicles

B61L 1/16

Counting in packaging machines

B65B 65/08

Counting of objects carriers conveyed pneumatically through a pipe or tube

B65G 51/36

Locks with counting devices

E05B 39/04

Counting by weighing

G01G 19/42

Adaptation of counters to electricity meters in electromechanical arrangements for measuring time integral of electric power or current

G01R 11/00

Counting of radioactive particles

G01T 1/18

Counting of photographic exposures

G03B 1/66, G03B 17/36

Watches with counting devices

G04B 47/003


G06C - G06J

Counting issued tickets

G07B 5/04

Entry or exit registers

G07C 9/00

Counting of votes

G07C 13/00

Counting coins

G07D 9/00

Counting of vehicles on a road or parking space

G08G 1/065

Teaching of counting

G09B 19/02

Counting electric pulses


Counting electronically

H03K 23/00

Counting characters, words, or messages in switching networks for transmission of digital information

H04M 15/00

Informative references

Attention is drawn to the following places, which may be of interest for search:

Inhalers incorporating mechanisms for counting actuations

A61M 15/0068

Tariff metering apparatus

G01D 4/00

Indicating or recording devices in volume flow meters

G01F 15/06

Special rules of classification

Subject-matter classified in G06M 7/00, G06M 9/00, and G06M 11/00 should also be classified in the relevant sub-group of G06M 1/08 if the means detecting the objects counted are of particular relevance.

Counting of objects carried by a conveyor
Definition statement

This place covers:

Counting of randomly distributed loose objects moving past a counting station, like in chute conveyors.

Counting of objects distributed at random, e.g. on a surface
Definition statement

This place covers:

Counting of objects in a static distribution.