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CPC Definition - Subclass C10F

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Last Updated Version: 2016.11
Definition statement

This place covers:

Drying, dewatering or working up of peat, including drying using presses, band-presses, rolls, centrifuges etc., including drying or dewatering in the field.

Drying or dewatering of peat combined with a carbonisation step for producing turfcoal.

Working-up of peat concerns peat processing processers and apparatus therefor, e.g. involving disintegration, moulding, briquetting, solubilizing and oxidising peat, etc.

Limiting references

This place does not cover:

Baling or bundling peat

Extracting wax from peat

Obtaining fibres from peat

Informative references

Attention is drawn to the following places, which may be of interest for search:

Destructive distillation of peat

Obtaining peat; Machines therefor

Combustion of peat

Drying in general

Special rules of classification

In the absence of an indication to the contrary, classification is made in the last appropriate place ("last place rule").