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OPTICAL COMPUTING DEVICES; {COMPUTING DEVICES USING OTHER RADIATIONS WITH SIMILAR PROPERTIES}(optical logic elements per se G02F 3/00; digital storage using optical elements G11C 13/04) [2013-01]

  • This subclass covers all devices in which at least one computing function is performed by optical means.
  • If other aspects, for example mechanical, fluid pressure or electrical computing, are of interest, classification is also made in the relevant subclass for such aspects.
G06E 1/00
Devices for processing exclusively digital data [2013-01]
G06E 1/02
operating upon the order or content of the data handled [2013-01]
G06E 1/04
. .
for performing computations using exclusively denominational number representation, e.g. using binary, ternary, decimal representation [2013-01]
G06E 1/045
. . .
{Matrix or vector computation} [2013-01]
G06E 1/06
. .
for performing computations using a digital non-denominational number representation, i.e. number representation without radix; using combinations of denominational and non-denominational number representations [2013-01]
G06E 1/065
. . .
{using residue arithmetic} [2013-01]
G06E 3/00
Devices not provided for in group G06E 1/00, e.g. for processing analogue or hybrid data [2016-11]
G06E 3/001
{Analogue devices in which mathematical operations are carried out with the aid of optical or electro-optical elements (optical elements per se G02B; devices consisting of a plurality of solid state components, including light sensitive semiconductor components, formed in or on a common substrate H01L 27/14; electro-, magneto- or acousto-optics, non-linear optics G02F 1/00; graph reading G06K 11/00)} [2013-01]
G06E 3/003
. .
{forming integrals of products, e.g. Fourier integrals, Laplace integrals, correlation integrals; for analysis or synthesis of functions using orthogonal functions} [2013-01]
G06E 3/005
. .
{using electro-optical or opto-electronic means} [2013-01]
G06E 3/006
{Interconnection networks, e.g. for shuffling} [2013-01]
G06E 3/008
{Matrix or vector computation} [2016-11]