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METEOROLOGY (influencing weather conditions A01G 15/00; dispersing fog E01H 13/00; instruments for measuring single variable in general, see the appropriate subclass of G01, e.g. G01K, G01L; obtaining meteorological information by radar G01S 13/95) [2018-08]

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
G01W 1/00
Meteorology [2013-01]
G01W 2001/003
{Clear air turbulence detection or forecasting, e.g. for aircrafts} [2013-01]
G01W 2001/006
{Main server receiving weather information from several sub-stations} [2013-01]
G01W 1/02
Instruments for indicating weather conditions by measuring two or more variables, e.g. humidity, pressure, temperature, cloud cover or wind speed (G01W 1/10 takes precedence) [2022-01]
G01W 1/04
. .
giving only separate indications of the variables measured [2013-01]
G01W 1/06
. .
giving a combined indication of weather conditions (catathermometers for measuring "cooling value" related either to weather conditions or to comfort of other human environment G01W 1/17; computers per se G06) [2013-01]
G01W 1/08
Adaptations of balloons, missiles, or aircraft for meteorological purposes; Radiosondes (transmission of measurements G01D; transmitting circuits H04B; {balloons in general B64B; aeroplanes in general B64D; missiles in general F42B 15/00}) [2013-01]
G01W 1/10
Devices for predicting weather conditions (computers per se G06; display devices G09) [2013-01]
G01W 1/11
Weather houses or other ornaments for indicating humidity [2013-01]
G01W 1/12
Sunshine duration recorders (measuring intensity of sunshine G01J) [2013-01]
G01W 1/14
Rainfall or precipitation gauges (measuring volume in general G01F) [2013-01]
G01W 1/16
Measuring atmospheric potential differences, e.g. due to electrical charges in clouds (measuring potentiels in general G01R) [2013-01]
G01W 1/17
Catathermometers for measuring "cooling value" related either to weather conditions or to comfort of other human environment [2013-01]
G01W 1/18
Testing or calibrating meteorological apparatus [2013-01]
G01W 2201/00
Weather detection, monitoring or forecasting for establishing the amount of global warming [2013-01]
G01W 2203/00
Real-time site-specific personalized weather information, e.g. nowcasting [2013-01]