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  • This subclass covers devices or systems designed or specially adapted to be carried, e.g. by hand, or otherwise transported from place to place, e.g. on wheeled supports, in order to provide illumination as and where required.
  • This subclass does not cover devices or systems intended for fixed installation, e.g. vehicle lighting, or for use essentially at a permanent location, which are covered by subclass F21S.
  • Non-electric lighting devices are classified in groups F21L 17/00-F21L 26/00 only if a special adaptation related to the use of a non-electric light source is of interest.

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
Electric lighting [2013-01]
F21L 2/00
Systems of electric lighting devices (systems employing both electric and non-electric light sources or exchangeable light sources F21L 27/00) [2024-01]
Portable electric lighting devices [2013-01]
F21L 4/00
Electric lighting devices with self-contained electric batteries or cells [2024-01]
F21L 4/005
{the device being a pocket lamp (F21L 4/022, F21L 4/045, F21L 4/085 take precedence)} [2013-01]
F21L 4/02
characterised by the provision of two or more light sources [2013-01]
F21L 4/022
. .
{Pocket lamps} [2013-01]
F21L 4/025
. . .
{the light sources being of different shape or type} [2013-01]
F21L 4/027
. . .
{the light sources being a LED} [2013-01]
F21L 4/04
characterised by the provision of a light source housing portion adjustably fixed to the remainder of the device [2013-01]
F21L 4/045
. .
{Pocket lamps} [2013-01]
F21L 4/06
with the light source coupled to the remainder of the device solely by cable [2013-01]
F21L 4/08
characterised by means for in situ recharging of the batteries or cells [2013-01]
F21L 4/085
. .
{Pocket lamps} [2013-01]
F21L 13/00
Electric lighting devices with built-in electric generators (with solar cells F21L 4/00) [2013-01]
F21L 13/02
with fluid drive [2013-01]
F21L 13/04
. .
actuated by hand [2013-01]
F21L 13/06
with mechanical drive, e.g. spring [2013-01]
F21L 13/08
. .
by reciprocating pusher actuated by hand [2013-01]
F21L 14/00
Electric lighting devices without a self-contained power source, e.g. for mains connection [2013-01]
F21L 14/02
capable of hand-held use, e.g. inspection lamps [2013-01]
F21L 14/023
. .
{having two or more, or different light sources} [2013-01]
F21L 14/026
. .
{having a linear light source} [2013-01]
F21L 14/04
carried on wheeled supports [2013-01]
Non-electric lighting (candle holders F21V 35/00; burners, combustion apparatus F23) [2013-01]
F21L 17/00
Non-electric torches; Non-electric flares [2013-01]
F21L 19/00
Lanterns, e.g. hurricane lamps or candle lamps [2017-02]
F21L 19/003
{Fastening or lifting of the lamp glass (fastening of component parts of lighting devices F21V 17/00)} [2013-01]
F21L 19/006
{Special adaptation for protection against draughts (in lighting devices employing combustion other than lanterns F21V 37/02)} [2013-01]
F21L 21/00
Non-electric pocket lamps, e.g. lamps producing sparks [2013-01]
F21L 23/00
Non-electric hand-lamps for miners [2013-01]
F21L 26/00
Non-electric portable lighting devices, or systems thereof, not provided for in groups F21L 17/00 - F21L 23/00 [2016-05]

F21L 27/00
Lighting devices or systems, employing combinations of electric and non-electric light sources; Replacing or exchanging electric light sources with non-electric light sources or vice versa in lighting devices or systems [2019-01]