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SHIFTING OR SHUNTING OF RAIL VEHICLES (shifting vehicles in general B60S; marshalling systems B61B) [2018-08]

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
B61J 1/00
Turntables; Traversers; Transporting rail vehicles on other rail vehicles or dollies (shunting B61J 3/00) [2013-01]
B61J 1/02
Turntables; Integral stops [2013-01]
B61J 1/04
. .
of normal railroad type [2013-01]
B61J 1/06
. .
for railways with suspended vehicles, e.g. aerial rope railways [2013-01]
B61J 1/08
. .
for connecting inclined tracks or tracks of different height (wagon elevators B66) [2013-01]
B61J 1/10
Traversers [2013-01]
B61J 1/12
Rollers or devices for shifting or transporting rail vehicles on rails [2013-01]
B61J 3/00
Shunting or short-distance haulage devices; Similar devices for hauling trains on steep gradients or as starting aids; Car propelling devices therefor (overhead travelling cranes combined with auxiliary means for shunting railway vehicles B66C 17/26; capstans B66D) [2017-08]
B61J 3/02
Gravity shunting humps (track brakes or retarding apparatus fixed to permanent way B61K 7/02) [2013-01]
B61J 3/04
Car shunting or haulage devices with cable traction or endless-chain driving means [2013-01]
B61J 3/06
. .
with vehicle-engaging truck or carriage [2013-01]
B61J 3/08
Devices with reciprocated pushing bars or like driving mechanisms combined with the track for shunting or hauling cars (railway systems of this kind B61B 13/12) [2013-01]
B61J 3/10
Car shunting or positioning devices with pinchbar action (pinchbars, crowbars in general B66F 15/00) [2013-01]
B61J 3/12
Self-propelled tractors or pushing vehicles, e.g. mules (with cable traction B61J 3/06) [2013-01]
B61J 99/00
Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass [2013-01]