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WORKING VENEER OR PLYWOOD (applying liquids or other fluent materials to surface in general B05; grinding, sanding, or polishing of wood B24; applying adhesives or glue to surfaces of wood B27G 11/00; manufacture of veneer B27L 5/00) [2018-08]

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
B27D 1/00
Joining wood veneer with any material; Forming articles thereby (in conjunction with moulding of wood particles or fibres B27N 3/06); Preparatory processing of surfaces to be joined, e.g. scoring [2013-01]
B27D 1/005
{Tenderising, e.g. by incising, crushing} [2013-01]
B27D 1/02
Hot tables for warming veneers [2013-01]
B27D 1/025
. .
{electrically} [2013-01]
B27D 1/04
to produce plywood or articles made therefrom; Plywood sheets {(making a layered veneer cutting block B27L 5/00)} [2013-01]
B27D 1/06
. .
Manufacture of central layers; Form of central layers {(see also B27M 3/002 and B27M 3/0026)} [2013-01]
B27D 1/08
. .
Manufacture of shaped articles; Presses specially designed therefor [2013-01]
B27D 1/083
. . .
{Presses specially designed for making the manufacture of shaped plywood articles} [2013-01]
B27D 1/086
. . .
{Manufacture of oblong articles, e.g. tubes by spirally winding veneer blanks} [2013-01]
B27D 1/10
Butting blanks of veneer; Joining same along edges; Preparatory processing of edges, e.g. cutting {(see also B27M 3/002 and B27M 3/0026)} [2013-01]
B27D 3/00
Veneer presses; Press plates; Plywood presses (presses in general B30B {; presses for wood fibre sheets B27N 3/08, B27N 3/24, B27N 3/26}) [2017-08]
B27D 3/02
with a plurality of press plates, i.e. multi- platen hot presses [2013-01]
B27D 3/04
with endless arrangement of moving press plates, belts, or the like [2013-01]
B27D 5/00
Other working of veneer or plywood specially adapted to veneer or plywood (working of strips in the same way as cane B27J {; repairing tears on veneer blanks B27D 1/10; B27G 1/00 takes precedence}) [2017-08]
B27D 5/003
{securing a veneer strip to a panel edge (fitting a tenonned strip to a grooved panel edge B27M 3/0026)} [2013-01]
B27D 5/006
{Trimming, chamfering or bevelling edgings, e.g. lists (B23C 3/126 takes precedence)} [2013-01]