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SHOEING OF ANIMALS {(making metal horseshoes by rolling B21H 7/12; making horseshoes or appurtenances therefor by forging or pressing B21K 15/02; casting of metals B22D)} [2018-08]

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
A01L 1/00
Shoes for horses or other solipeds fastened with nails (A01L 3/00 takes precedence) [2013-01]
A01L 1/02
Solid horseshoes consisting of one part [2013-01]
A01L 1/04
Solid horseshoes consisting of multiple parts {(horseshoes with elastic inserts or soles for horseshoes A01L 7/02)} [2013-01]
A01L 3/00
Horseshoes fastened by means other than nails, with or without additional fastening by nailing [2013-01]
A01L 3/02
Horseshoes consisting of one part [2013-01]
A01L 3/04
Horseshoes consisting of two or more parts connected by hinged joints [2013-01]
A01L 3/06
Shoe-like appliances enabling draught animals to walk on bogs or the like [2013-01]
A01L 5/00
Horseshoes made of elastic materials {(protective coverings for animals A01K 13/006)} [2013-01]
A01L 7/00
Accessories for shoeing animals [2013-01]
A01L 7/02
Elastic inserts or soles for horseshoes [2013-01]
A01L 7/04
Solid calks or studs [2013-01]
A01L 7/06
Elastic calks or studs [2013-01]
A01L 7/08
Ice-spurs for horseshoes [2013-01]
A01L 7/10
Horseshoe nails [2013-01]
A01L 9/00
Shoes for other animals, e.g. oxen [2013-01]
A01L 11/00
Farriers' tools and appliances (making horseshoes by rolling B21H 7/12, by forging B21K 15/02) [2013-01]
A01L 13/00
Pens for animals while being shod {(devices for fettering animals for operative purposes A61D 3/00; devices for immobilisation or restraint of animals A01K 1/0613; devices for taming or training animals which impede movement or passage through fences A01K 15/04)} [2019-02]
A01L 15/00
Apparatus or use of substances for the care of hoofs [2013-01]