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Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure - October 2013

Zipped PDF and HTML files are available below.  



Changes in TMEP October 2013 

Instructions Regarding TMEP October 2013 
100 General Information 
200 Application Filing Date 
300 Filing and Receipt of Documents 
400 Processing Documents and Fees 
500 Change of Ownership 
600 Attorney, Representative, and Signature 
700 Procedure for Examining Applications 
800 Application Requirements 
900 Use in Commerce 
1000 Applications Under Section 44 
1100 Intent-to-Use Applications and Requests to Divide 
1200 Substantive Examination of Applications 
1300 Service Marks, Collective Marks, and Certification Marks 
1400 Classification and Identification of Goods and Services 
1500 Post-Examination Procedures 
1600 Registration and Post-Registration Procedures 
1700 Petitions, Requests for Reinstatement, and Other Matters Submitted to Director 
1800 Public Inquiries about Applications and Registrations 
1900 Madrid Protocol 

Appendix A Examining Attorney’s Appeal Briefs 

Appendix B Members of International Trademark Agreements 

Appendix C Notes of Other Statutes 

Appendix D Foreign Entities 

Appendix E Countries that Have Standard Character Marks or the Equivalent 



Zipped version of the TMEP October 2013 in PDF format 

Zipped version of the TMEP October 2013 in HTML format 

TMEP - Archived Editions

Click on the links below to view copies of the 4th - 8th editions and the October 2012 and April 2013 versions of the TMEP.  Note:  Since October 2012, the TMEP has been identified by the month and year in which it is issued (i.e., October 2013).  Prior versions were identified using edition and revision numbers.  Please note that the current version is October 2013, published October 30, 2013. 


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