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USPTO Privacy Act Systems of Records Notices


PAT/TM--1 [PDF] Attorneys and Agents Registered or Recognized to Practice Before the Office

PAT/TM--2 [PDF] Complaints, Investigations and Disciplinary Proceedings Relating to Attorneys and Agents Registered or
Recognized to Practice Before the Office

PAT/TM--3 [DOC] Employee Production Records

PAT/TM--4 [DOC] Government Employees Invention Rights

PAT/TM--5 [PDF] Non-Registered Persons Rendering Assistance to Patent Applicants

PAT/TM--6 [PDF] Parties Involved in Patent Interference Proceedings

PAT/TM--7 [PDF] Patent Application Files

PAT/TM--8 [PDF]  Patent Application Secrecy Order Files

PAT/TM--9 [PDF] Patent Assignment Records

PAT/TM--10 [PDF] Deposit Accounts and Electronic Funds Transfer Profiles

PAT/TM--11 [PDF] Patent Examiner Testimony Files

PAT/TM--12 [DOC] Patent Subscription Service System

PAT/TM--13 [PDF] Petitioners for License to File for Foreign Patents

PAT/TM--14 [PDF] Users of Public Facilities of the Patent and Trademark Office

PAT/TM--15 [PDF] System for Maintenance of Invention Promoter Complaints

PAT/TM--16 [PDF] USPTO PKI Registration and Maintenance System

PAT/TM--17 [PDF] USPTO Security Access Control and Certificate Systems

PAT/TM--18 [PDF] USPTO Identification and Security Access Control Systems

PAT/TM--19 [PDF] Dissemination Events and Registrations

PAT/TM--20 [PDF] Customer Call Center, Assistance and Satisfaction Survey Records

PAT/TM--21 [PDF] National Medal of Technology and Innovation Nominations.

PAT/TM--22 [PDF] Patent e-Commerce Database.

PAT/TM--23 [PDF] User Access for Web Portals and Information Requests.

PAT/TM--24 [TEXT] [PDF] Background Investigations

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