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Office of Data Management

What We Do:

  • schedules and manages the processing and movement of allowed patent application files;
  • administers a data capture contract that produces weekly searchable and image databases of issued patents for USPTO and external customer use;
  • assembles and mails the patent grants;
  • is responsible for the production of the ePatent Official Gazette;
  • prepares Certificates of Corrections; and
  • is responsible, through the Patent Data Capture (PADACAP) contractor, for the production of weekly searchable and image Pre-Grant Publication files.

Office of Data Management Services 

Instructions for Responding to a Notice of Abandonment

Office of Data Management FAQ's
Customer Service

Our Application Assistance Unit  answers:

  • status inquires regarding newly filed and allowed patent applications; and
  • questions about Pre-Grant Publication or 18-month Publication

The Application Assistance Unit can be reached via telephone at 571.272.4200 or 1.888.786.0101; or via e-mail at:

The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Our physical address and customer service phone numbers:

2800 South Randolph Street

9th Floor

Arlington, VA 22206

571.272.4200 or 1.888.786.0101

Our mailing address:

Commissioner for Patents

Office of Data Management

Mail Stop (or) Attn:*___________

P.O. Box 1450

Alexandria, VA 22313-1450

*If a Mail Stop is not applicable, then the line beginning Mail Stop should be omitted from the address.

Mail Stops:
Mail Stop PGPUB: Correspondence regarding publication of patent applications not otherwise provided, including requests for early publication made after filing, rescission of non-publication request, corrected patent application publication, refund of publication fee.

Mail Stop Issue Fee: All communications following the receipt of a PTOL-85, and prior to the issuance of a patent should be addressed to Mail Stop Issue Fee, unless advised to the contrary.

Mail Stop Post Issue: In patented files: requests for changes of Issue correspondence address, powers of attorney, revocations of powers of attorney, withdrawal of attorney and submissions under 37 CFR 1.501. Designation of, or changes to, a fee address should be addressed to Mail Stop M Correspondence. Requests for Certificate of Correction need no special mail stop, but should be mailed to the attention of Certificate of Correction Branch.

Mail intended for a specific Pubs employee or Pubs service (e.g., subscription services, patents for license or sale) need no special mail stop, but should be mailed to the attention of the specific employee or service.



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