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Interview Practice

Interviews From Wherever You Connect

Interview Practice provides you with free access to video conferencing with USPTO examiners. To join, you need a computer and high speed Internet connection. If you cannot join from home or your office, USPTO offers dedicated meeting rooms at each of its major campuses(Alexandria, VA.; Detroit, MI.; and Denver, CO).



checkboxWe have created a brief survey to learn more about applicant experiences with interview practices during prosecution. Responses will help us identify the best practices and training needs for USPTO.

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Video Conferencing and Virtual Interviews

Applicant Initiated Interview Request form [PDF]



FAQs on Interview Practice

Public Interview Room [PDF]– Information on interview practice to clarify the policies, procedures, and tools available to enable better communicate with examiners.



Relevant Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) sections:

MPEP Chapter 500-502.03 Communication via Internet (e.g., email)[Searchable MPEP]

MPEP Chapter 700-713 Interviews [Searchable MPEP]

InterviewPractice Guidelines for Applicants [PDF]– Information on interviewpractice to clarify the policies, procedures, and tools available to enablebetter communicate with examiners.



Effective Interview Practice [PDF] -Effective Interview Practice discusses the use of an agenda, preparing for the interview, properly recording the interview to clarify the record, and steps that can be taken to properly follow through after the interview.

Interview Best Practices [PDF]- The collaborative effort between AIPLA and the USPTO identifies interview bestpractices that can be followed by examiners and practitioners. Interview Best Practices identifies accessibility, preparation, substance, and recordation as useful tools and techniques for effective interview practice.

Interview Practice Training Summary [PDF] -Effective Interview Practice addresses why interviews are an important examination tool, identifies a number of key components needed to conduct an effective interview and discusses some frequently asked questions.


Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about interview practice at the USPTO, please send an email to


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