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Comments re: Partnership for Enhancement of Quality of Software-Related Patents

The following comments have been submitted in response to the notice "Request for Comments and Notice of Roundtable Events for Partnership for Enhancement of Quality of Software-Related Patents" published in the Federal Register at 78 Fed. Reg. 292 (Jan. 3, 2013).

The Federal Register Notice sought public input on topics concerning software-related patents and applications and set a comment deadline date of March 15, 2013. The USPTO extended the comment period to April 15, 2013. The comment period is now closed.

Submitters may review the list below to ensure that their submission has been received. If a comment has not been posted within two weeks of submission, please submit it by e-mail to

Please note that the following documents are posted as originally received but may contain artifacts of scanning, OCR, or document format conversion.   All files require a PDF viewer.

B. Government Agencies

  1. State Senator Tick Segerblom (2013Mar14)


C. Academic and Research Institutions

  1. Electronic Frontier Foundation (2013April15)


D. Law Firms

E. Companies

  1. Artsnapper (2013Mar15)
  2. Creative Fuel (2013Mar18)
  3. Google Inc. (2013April15)
  4. Groklaw topic 2 (corrected) (2013MAR15)
  5. Groklaw topic 2 (2013MAR15)
  6. Groklaw topic 1 (2013FEB10)
  7. IBM Corporation (2013April14)
  8. James Roberts Creative (2013Mar28)
  9. Microsoft & Adobe (2013April15)
  10. No Sweat (2013Mar14)
  11. Polk County Economic & Industrial Development Corporation (2013Mar21)
  12. Red Hat (2013April15)
  13. Stonepier (2013Mar20)
  14. Verizon Communications, Inc. (2013April15)
  15. Yahoo! Inc. (2013MAR15)


F. Individuals

  1. Adam, Mark (2013JAN05)
  2. Atkins, Damon (2013JAN05)
  3. Basinski, Erwin (2013FEB10)
  4. Bray, Jim (2013JAN05)
  5. Brown, Matthew (2013JAN05)
  6. Buchanan, Martin (2013FEB07)
  7. Carmichael, James (2013Jan04)
  8. Caron, Joan M. (2013Mar18)
  9. Chamberlain, John (2013JAN04)
  10. Chien, Colleen (2013April16)
  11. Chou, Elaine (2013April15)
  12. Cimarelli, Stephen (2013JAN06)
  13. Cinnater, William (2013JAN04)
  14. Crockford, Douglas (2013FEB12)
  15. D, Michael (2013FEB26)
  16. D, Michael (further comments) (2013April15)
  17. Daniel, John (2013JAN05)
  18. Dolphynn, Flex (2013JAN08)
  19. Donelson, William (2013JAN04)
  20. Doumakes, Don (2013JAN04)
  21. Emojo, Dan (2013JAN05)
  22. Frazier, Bob (2013JAN04)
  23. Frothingham, Jason (2013April11)
  24. Gage, Ronald (2013JAN07)
  25. Gibson, Phil (2013JAN04)
  26. Hardy, Sheryl (2013Mar14)
  27. Haynes, Morse (2013Mar20)
  28. Hewitt , Carl (2013JAN03)
  29. Hewitt , Carl (revised) (2013JAN13)
  30. Hewitt , Carl (presentation) (2013Mar15)
  31. Hodge, Brad (2013JAN05)
  32. Hollaar,Lee (2013MAR12)
  33. Jilk, David (2013MAR15)
  34. Johnson, CJ (2013JAN04)
  35. Jordan, Scott (2013JAN04)
  36. Karnowski, David (2013JAN04)
  37. Kilburn, Bryan (2013JAN07)
  38. King, Austin (2013JAN04)
  39. MacKerel, Martin (2013April16)
  40. Malkav (2013JAN05)
  41. Meyer, Austin (2013MAR02)
  42. Nash, Steven (2013JAN06)
  43. Nissen, Dirk (2013April15)
  44. Noel, Paul (2013JAN04)
  45. Owikeno, Jim (2013JAN04)
  46. Parish, Wesley (2013JAN05)
  47. Parish, Wesley (2013April13)
  48. Payne, William (2013JAN04)
  49. Pedersen, Brad (2013April12)
  50. Phillips, Deven (2013JAN04)
  51. Risch, Michael (2013MAR12)
  52. Roffmann, Bill (2013FEB19)
  53. Schmidt, Weston (2013JAN04)
  54. Schultz, Dale (2013JAN04)
  55. Schwerdt, Tom (2013JAN05)
  56. Serechai, AbH (2013JAN07)
  57. Silverman, Jeff (2013JAN12)
  58. Tocci, Justin (2013JAN04)
  59. Unruh, Sean (2013JAN04)
  60. Weissler, Robert (2013JAN04)
  61. Winter, Ray (2013JAN07)
  62. Yuval, Gideon (2013JAN18)
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