Glossary Initiative

Glossary Initiative

In June 2013, the White House issued a series of Executive Actions concerning high-tech patent issues. Executive Action No. 2 concerned functional claiming, specifically, (i) improving functional claim clarity; and (ii) possible glossary usage in patent specifications. The White House assigned Executive Action No. 2 to the USPTO, stating: "The AIA made important improvements to the examination process and overall patent quality, but stakeholders remain concerned about patents with overly broad claims-particularly in the context of software. The PTO will provide new targeted training to its examiners on scrutiny of functional claims and will, over the next six months develop strategies to improve claim clarity, such as by use of glossaries in patent specifications to assist examiners in the software field."

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Help us meet the Glossary Pilot Goal

Take advantage of the opportunity to get an expedited review of your application up to the issuance of the first action on the merits.  As of May 14th, 2015 we have had 142 petitions granted out of the 200 permitted under the Pilot, with an additional 25 petitions under review.  See the Glossary Pilot Statistics (31.29 KB).

The guidelines below provide general information on specific requirements under this pilot program and are merely supplemental to the program requirements as set forth in the Federal Register notice, Glossary Pilot Program FR 79, 17137 (March 27, 2014) [PDF] .




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