Can I enter special keyboard characters into the Bibliographic Data portion of the EFS-Web screens (Application Data tab)?

Special characters are only allowed within the EFS-Web Application Data screen for the Title of Invention and the Name of the First Inventor. The following characters are only allowed, in addition to all standard keyboard characters, in these two fields:

ƒ,…,Œ,™,œ,Ÿ,¡,¢,£,¤,¥,§,©,ª,«,,®,°,±,²,³,µ,¹,º, »,¼,½,¾,¿, À,Á,Â,Ã,Ä,Å,Æ,Ç,È,É,Ê,Ë,Ì,Í,Î,Ï,Ñ,Ò,Ó,Ô,Õ,Ö,Ø,Ù,Ú,Û,Ü,Ý,

USPTO FAQ - Questions and Answers (31AUG2006)