Will my USPTO Fillable Form automatically load my data if I use special characters?

All data will be uploaded into USPTO systems including special characters. The Title of Invention and all Inventor Name fields are the only fields that allow the entry of special characters such as Ü,Ý,ê,ë etc. We have legacy systems that are unable to capture these special characters when submitted through EFS-Web. The official record will be captured in IFW so no data will be lost. Only standard keyboard characters should be entered in all other data fields in the ADS form. It may also be possible to import unacceptable characters into fields and if this occurs, the data will not be autoloaded. The USPTO is working to correct this issue in future releases of EFS-Web. The following characters only are allowed, in addition to all standard keyboard characters, in the Title of Invention and in the First, Middle and Last name of all Named Inventors:

ƒ,…,Œ,™,œ,Ÿ,¡,¢,£,¤,¥,§,©,ª,«,,®,°,±,²,³,µ,¹,º, »,¼,½,¾,¿,

USPTO FAQ - Questions and Answers (31AUG2006)