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Since I am submitting the PCT-EASY .zip file to EFS-Web, do I still need to provide a copy of the Request, fee calculation sheet and abstract in PDF format?

You do NOT need to separately submit a copy of the Request and fee calculation sheet in PDF format because these are contained in the PCT-EASY .zip file in PDF format as shown below.

See "How do I submit a signed copy ..." regarding submission of a signed Request and fee calculation sheet. While the abstract will be contained as a .txt file in the .zip file, EFS-Web does not extract the abstract from the .zip file. You DO need to file the abstract as a separate PDF file. Note that there are other files in the .zip, but the Fees.pdf and Pct101.pdf files are the only two extracted and loaded into the Image File Wrapper (IFW). However, the other files are used by the International Bureau and US Receiving Office for automated data entry and therefore should be present. As long as you use PCT-EASY to create the .zip, then the necessary files will be there. You cannot upload any other .zip and EFS-Web verifies this by pulling out the two above stated PDF files. EFS-Web will confirm and display that the fees.pdf and the pct101.pdf files have been extracted from the zip file.

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