What is PAIR?

PAIRdefinition in new window is the Patent Application Information Retrieval system that displays information regarding patent application status. There is both a Public and Private side to PAIR. “ Public PAIR ” only displays issued or published application status. To access Public PAIR, you need only have a patent, application, or publication number that you wish to search. “Private PAIR” is the Patent Application Information Retrieval system developed to provide secure access for customers who want to view current patent application status electronically via the Internet. Private PAIR provides secure real-time access to pending application status and history using digital certificates issued from the USPTO's Public Key Infrastructure. Private PAIR provides real-time status information for all action taken by the USPTO for a given application. Private PAIR allows the customer to have access to USPTO's internal database (PALM); therefore, the customer can view the information as soon as it is posted. To access Private PAIR, you must

>> see the Patent EBC - New Users for information on accessing Private PAIR

USPTO FAQ - Questions and Answers (12DEC2006)