How do I create my PKI digital certificate?

PLEASE NOTE: If at any point during the following steps a window pops up asking you whether you wish to run an Entrust application or trust a Digital Certificate, click on "Run" or "Yes".

Go to

Click on "New User"
Enter codes where requested
Click "Submit"

On the next page:

Click the three-dot button next to "digital certificate filename"
A windows directory will appear
Select folder where you want the profile to be saved at (somewhere you can locate the file easily like your desktop)
Then in the "filename" box, name your file (i.e. johndoe.epf) - make sure to leave the .epf at the end of the file name
Click the "Open" button

On current page:

Enter a password twice following rules located in box on right side of screen (once all rules are followed, green check marks will appear)
Click "create profile"


Once it has processed it will state "profile created successfully"


USPTO FAQ - Questions and Answers (12DEC2006)