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We get many requests about "getting a copyright for a band name ," a patent for a picture , or "getting a trademark for a song or web site domain name ."

Songs and pictures are usually protected by copyrights . The USPTO does not handle copyrights, that is the responsibility of the >>Library of Congress' Copyright Office .

You can register a trademark for a band name . You can also register a trademark for web site domain names under special circumstances but we do not issue domain names - that service is provided by a number of >>certified registering authorities .

We cannot give you a determination regarding trademark registration without an application (with appropriate fees). We also cannot assist in enforcing trademark rights nor can we assist in determining if you are infringing on another's mark. For these matters you should consult an attorney.



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There are times when you may desire a combination of copyright , patent and trademark protection for your work. You should consult an attorney to determine what forms of intellectual property protection are best suited to your needs.