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Inventors Eye April 2014. The USPTO's publication for the independent inventor community.

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Inventors Eye. December 2013, volume four issue six. The USPTO's bimonthly publication for the independent inventor community. Patently Poinsettis. The poinsettia remains the favorite of holiday home decorators. But just where did this vibrant, festive plant come from, and how does it relate to patents? Also in this issue: Collegiate Inventors Lead Technological Charge. Spark of Genius:Tripping the Light Fantastic - An interview with W. Richard Frederick. Advice: Lower Fees Starting Jan. 1. Events and Announcements:Detroit Saturday Seminar on Dec. 7  Prosthetics, Advice - Track One Prioritized Examination Puts Your Innovation in the Fast Lane, Events and Announcements - December Saturday Seminar in Detroit.

DEC 2013 NOV 2013


 Micro Entity Status, Events and Announcements - Annual Independent Inventor Conference October 11 - 12 at the USPTO.  Welcome Inventors Hall of Fame Class of 2013, Spark of Genius - Grilling up Good Ideas, Advce - Can Recipes be Patented?, Events and Announcements - Patent and Trademark Workshop Series in Washington D.C.

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 Kansas Regional Independent Inventors Conference.  Windshield Wipers, Announcements for February and March, Advice Column, New Fees and Micro Entity Status Take Effect March 19.

APR 2013 FEB 2013

 Q&A with the Experts, Pushing Ahead with Pro Bono Assistance, PTRC's--the Cure for Information Overload, Announcements for December and January, and the Advice Column, Using the USPTO Data Visualization Center--Your Window into the USPTO.  Inventor Lifts Up Tradition, Culture, and Ingenutiy, Announcements for October and November, and Advice column, Resources for Understanding Third-Party Preissuance Submissions.

DEC 2012 OCT 2012

 Rules and Roadshows - An Update on the AIA, USPTO Patents for Humanity Competition, Bright Young Minds Shine at the USPTO, Announcements August and September, Advice Column Identifying Non-USPTO Solicitations  Start-of-Summer Updates for Inventors Independent Inventors Conference Brings USPTO Resources to Sunshine State Inventors Hall of Fame Inducts Class of 2012 Advice Column File Online, Save Money and Protect Your Private Information.

AUG 2012 JUN 2012

 Dr. Janine Jagger Fixes the Problem, Not the Blame  Advice Column Licensing Options  Inventors Eye February 2012 Vol three issue one. The USPTO's bimonthly publication for the independent inventor community. Spark of Genius  Inventor Lori Greiner Organizes the World. In this issue's Spark of Genius article, meet Lori Breiner, creator of over 350 products.Also in this issue America Invents Act Hits the Road   USPTO and National Women's Business Council Pay Tribute to Women's Innovation and Entrepreneurship   Advice Column Inventor Pages to Offer New Patent Tutorials

APR 2012 FEB 2012

 Polester Takes a Long Shot in Digital Photography    Advice Column File your Application Electronically to Avoid the Surcharge for Paper Filing  A milestone for the United States Patent System. Also in this issue President Obama Signs America Invents Act   USPTO Announces New Fees    Advice Column What Are the Current Guidelines for Submiting Models with Your Patent Application?

DEC 2011 OCT 2011

Inventors Eye. August 2011 Vol two issue four. The USPTO's bimonthly publication for the independent inventor community. Spark of Genius Giving through a Trademark In this issue's Spark of Genius article, meet Blake Mycoskie and Stephen Katsaros, creators of Toms® and Nokero®. Also in this issue California Regional Inventors Conf. Registration Is Open A Message from the Associate Commissioner Pro Bono Pilot Program in Minn. Helps Independent Inventors Gain Patent Counsel Advice Column Providing Inventors More Communication and Efficiency.  Enertia Advice Column Accelerated Review of Green Technology Patent Applications.

AUG 2011 JUN 2011

 Spilled Spaghetti Leads to Good Licensing Deal Advice Column Providing Inventors More Time through the USPTO's Extended Missing Parts Pilot Program. Inventors Eye. january 2011 Vol two issue one. The USPTO's bimonthly publication for the independent inventor community. Spark of Genius The Step 'N Wash In this issue's Spark of Genius article, meet Joi Sumpton, creator of Step 'n Wash®. Also in this issue CommerceConnect Helps Businesses Become More Competitive and Create Jobs Trademarks Litigation Tactics Study Advice Column Working with a Patent Practitioner.

MAR 2011 JAN 2011

 Houston Inventors Association Helps Members Bring Inventions to Reality Advice Column Resources in Your Backyard  Your Inspiration Could be at our Next Conference Advice Column Patent and Trademark Resources in Your Own Backyard.

NOV 2010 SEP 2010

 How KleenSlate Got Started Advice Column Save Money by Using TESS.  What You Need to Know Advice Column Special Status?

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 The Spiral Eye Needle Advice Column Do Your Homework.

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