Trademark Assignment Dataset

The USPTO records assignments of trademark applications and registrations to maintain a complete history of claimed interests in a mark. The Office also records supporting documentation for transactions that affect title or otherwise pertain to mark ownership including mergers, name changes, security interest agreements, and licenses. The Trademark Assignment Dataset contains detailed information on 786,931 assignments and other transactions recorded at the USPTO between 1952 and 2013 and involving 1,491,485 million unique trademark properties (an individual application or registration).

A document describing these data is available here: The USPTO Trademark Assignment Dataset: Descriptions and Insights.

This document is also available as: Graham, S., Marco, A. and Myers, A. (2014). “Monetizing Marks: Insights from the USPTO Trademark Assignment Dataset.” SSRN working paper, available at

The OCE developed these data files for public use and encourage users to identify fixes and improvements. Users are requested to cite the documentation when using these data.

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Data Files

USPTO Trademark Assignment Dataset Schema

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File Name 2013
tm_assignment DTA
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29.9 MB
tm_assignor DTA
31 MB
16.1 MB
tm_assignee DTA
46.8 MB
24.2 MB
    tm_subparty DTA
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tm_docid DTA
31.6 MB
33.2 MB
tm_convey DTA
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tm_cf_no DTA
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These data comprise on aggregation of raw XML data found here.