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To advance research on matters relevant to intellectual property, entrepreneurism, and innovation, the Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) is releasing a series of datasets. OCE presents these data for the first time in forms convenient for public use and academic research, consistent with the agency’s responsibility to make patent and trademark information open and transparent. Since these data have not been commonly used in the research community, OCE has developed supplementary documentation providing a comprehensive description of datasets and offering initial findings.

The following datasets and accompanying documentation are available for download.

Trademark Case Files Dataset

The Trademark Case Files Dataset contains detailed information on 7.0 million trademark applications filed with or registrations issued by the USPTO between 1870 and January 2013. It is derived from the USPTO main database for administering trademarks and includes data on mark characteristics and designs, prosecution events, ownership, classification, renewal history, foreign priority, and international registration. The Trademark Case Files Dataset is updated annually.

Legal Authority

The release of these data is consistent with the agency’s responsibility under 35 USC 2 to make information about patents and trademarks available to the public. Providing research datasets to allow for study of the economics of patents and trademarks is also an element in the USPTO economics research agenda. Furthermore, it supports the Obama administration’s policy championing transparency and access to government under the “” umbrella of initiatives.

United States Patent and Trademark Office
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