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Office of General Law

The Office of General Law (OGL) is responsible for representing the USPTO in matters other than those involving intellectual property issues. In this regard, the Deputy General Counsel's office provides advice and written legal opinions on areas concerning the administration and management of the USPTO.

The Deputy General Counsel's office also represents the USPTO in administrative proceedings before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), Federal Services Impasse Panel (FSIP), and arbitrators. Administrative litigation includes negotiability appeals and Unfair Labor Practice cases before the FLRA, cases before the FSIP involving bargaining impasses, arbitration cases, MSPB cases, and EEOC cases.  James Payne is the Deputy General Counsel for General Law.


Office of General Law Staff

Deputy General Counsel for General Law: James Payne
Senior Counsel for Employment Litigation: Maria Campo
Senior Counsel for Regulatory and Legislative Affairs: Nicolas Oettinger
Senior Counsel for Labor: David Shewchuk
Attorneys: Benjamin Ahlstrom
Heidi Bourgeois
Tayra Hernandez-Celpa
Chieko Clarke
Rachel Damelin
Sharyn Danch
John Heaton
Kyu Lee
Stacy Long
Jennifer McDowell
Wade Norman
Lisa Obayashi
Holly Runge
Jennifer Seifert
Kathryn Siehndel
Nicole Wishart
Paralegals: Traci Alexander
Shirley Hassan
Lynn Miller
Tawanda Plater
Karon Seldon
Administrative Management Specialist: John Otto
Secretary: Tennille Hall
Administrative Support Assistant: Natasha Omar


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