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Legislative History

Senate Debates and Votes

Date Topic Speakers
01/25/11 Senator Leahy Introducing S23 (S128) N/A
02/28/11 Senator Bennet Remarks (S956) N/A
02/28/11 Debate on S23 (S936 - S953) Leahy, Hatch 
03/01/11 Debate on S23 (part A) (S1030 - S1034) Leahy, DeMint, Coons, Kirk 
03/01/11 Debate on S23 (part B) (S1034 - S1051) Toomey, McConnell, Leahy, Klobuchar, Lee, Kyl, Vitter, Coburn, Grassley, Boxer, Feinstein, Baucus, Bennett 
03/01/11 Senator Menendez Remarks (S1052) N/A 
03/01/11 Senator Schumer Remarks (S1053) N/A
03/02/11 Debate on S23 (S1089 - S1114) Leahy, Grassley, Feinstein, Hatch, Boxer, Klobuchar, Rockefeller, Barrasso, Cardin, Kyl, Lee, Toomey, Durbin, Vitter, Menendez, Mikulski, Reid, Isakson 
03/03/11 Senator Kyl Remarks (S1174) N/A
03/03/11 Debate on S23 (part A) (S1175 - S1183) Leahy, Coons, Bennett, Durbin, Cantwell, Feinstein, Risch, Stabenow 
03/03/11 Debate on S23 (part B) (S1204 - S1213) Leahy, Corker, Grassley, Whitehouse, Kyl, Coburn, Baucus, Reid 
03/07/11 Debate on S23 (S1323 - S1326) Leahy, Reid, Bennett, Sessions 
03/08/11 Debate on S23 (part A) (S1348 - S1352) Leahy, Udall 
03/08/11 Debate on S23 (part B) (S1360 - S1394) Leahy, Reid, Coburn, Pryor, Schumer, Kyl 
03/09/11 Leahy and Hatch on First-Inventor-to-File  (S1496 - S1497) N/A
03/10/11 Senator McCaskill Remarks (S1545) N/A 
06/13/11 Senator Grassley Remarks (S3713) N/A 
06/14/11 Senator Leahy Remarks (S3768) N/A 
09/06/11 Senator Kyl Remarks (S5319) N/A 
09/06/11 Senator Leahy Remarks (S5326 - S5328) N/A 
09/07/11 Senator Leahy Remarks (S5353 - S5355) N/A 
09/07/11 Senator Klobuchar Remarks (S5356 - S5357) N/A 
09/07/11 Debate on S23 (S5370 - S5378) Reid, Paul, Durbin, Harkin, Leahy, Whitehouse 
09/08/11 Debate on S23 (S5402 - S5443) Sessions, Leahy, Grassley, Cantwell, Schumer, Hatch, Hoeven, Barrasso, Coburn, Kerry, Cornyn, Blunt, Kohl Pryor, Durbin, Levin, Kirk, Mikulski, McCain, Bennett 

House Debates and Votes 

Date Topic Speakers
04/14/11 House Judiciary Mark-up Transcript N/A 
06/22/11 Debate on the rule (H4420-H4452) Smith, Kaptur, Sensenbrenner, Goodlatte, Rohrabacher, Lofgren, Watt, Coble, Jackson Lee, Chabot, Manzullo, Bass, Quayle, Christensen, Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz, Gallegly
06/23/11 Rep. Smith Remarks (E1177) N/A
06/23/11 Rep. Hirono Remarks (E1190)  N/A
06/23/11 Rep. Moran Remarks (E1189) N/A
06/23/11 Rep. Pence Remarks (E1174) N/A
06/23/11 Rep. West Remarks (E1191) N/A
06/23/11 Rep. Smith Remarks (E1182) N/A
06/23/11 Debate on HR 1249 (H4480-H4505) Conyers, Smith, Rohrabacher, Baldwin, Moore, Jackson Lee, Lujan, Peters, Renacci, Polis, Goodlatte, Sherman, Markey, Neal, Pompeo, Garrett, Speier, Hoyer, Watt, Sensenbrenner, Schiff, Lofgren, Manzullo, Kaptur, Schock, Grimm, Waters, Crowley, Boren, Lungren, Schuster, Miller
06/24/11 Rep. Hollen Remarks (E1206) N/A
06/24/11 Rep. Waxman Remarks (E1208) N/A
06/24/11 Rep. Hoyer Remarks (E1201) N/A
06/24/11 Rep. Blumenauar Remarks (E1198) N/A
06/28/11 Rep. Smith Remarks (E1219) N/A
07/07/11 Rep. Johnson Remarks (E1273) N/A


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