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Accessibility of USPTO Website

Rehabilitation Act

The United States Patent and Trademark Office strives to adhere to the current guidelines for Section 508 of the Workforce Investment Act (US Department of Justice).   

At this time, all material should be accessible via readers and available accessibility tools with one notable exception: pre-1976 patents are available in TIFF image format only. No text versions are available for these archival images at this time. These images are only accessible by patent number and patent classification codes.

All patent images from 1976 forward are available in text as well as TIFF image format in the patent search systems. All trademark images are accompanied by descriptions and design search codes which indicate types of images included in a mark on the trademark search systems.

For Adobe® PDF documents, Adobe® offers conversion tools for the visually impaired at

If you encounter what you believe to be an unresolved accessibility issue, you can report the URL (hyperlink for the webpage) by E-mail to the

Non-English Languages

At this time the USPTO offers all web materials in English only.

You can find number of free utilities and software packages by searching for free translation on your favorite Internet search engine.

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